Benefits of Regular Eavestrough Cleaning

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We are constantly reminding our clients how important it is to schedule regular roof inspections and maintenance work. One thing included in this maintenance should be scheduled eavestrough cleaning to keep them open and prepared for drainage.

Keeping your gutters clean and free of debris is essential to maintaining your roofing system’s health and stability. You should have your gutters cleaned at least twice a year and Winter is one of the best times to do so. Here are some of the issues you can prevent with regularly scheduled eavestrough maintenance.

Issue #1: Rot

Your gutters are designed to move water away from your home so when they are clogged, the water does not flow and instead pools. This problem is particularly damaging at the fascia, which is often made of wood, because rot in this area is hard to detect. This sitting water will also eventually rot any other wooden roofing materials your home has, including the inside elements of your home like trusses and decking. Remember that these structural elements of your roofing system are expensive to repair and can lead to even more damage as your roof begins to sag. This sagging issue is extremely difficult to repair without completing performing a full roof replacement and structural overhaul. This damage is not only unsightly and obvious from the outside but will also cost you a lot in roof repair work.

Issue #2: Mould

Another issue of sitting and leaking water is mould buildup. This is a huge problem for your roofing system on top of being a massive health risk to your family. Mould occurs when leaking water enters your roofing structure so that it cannot dry. If you do not keep water out and away from your home’s structure, mould will grow very quickly and take over your property. Always keep up with your roof maintenance and eavestrough cleaning to avoid having to fix a mould problem which is hard to do, time-consuming, and very expensive.

Issue #3: Leaks

Leaks happen when you have pooling water near your roofing system because it cannot escape properly down your gutters. This sitting and pooling water will cause your clogged downspouts to begin to leak. The sitting water will freeze during our colder months and create ice dams. This will force the gutters away from your home and lead your water to back up even more. Having your eavestroughs pushed away from the fascia and the side of your property will create a gap for water to leak down the side of your property and toward your foundation.

Issue #4: Cracks

We mean cracks both in terms of cracked foundation and cracked driveways. If you do not have cleared eavestroughs, the escaping water will leak down the side of your walls and pool at the foundation level. As time passes, this will erode the structural integrity of your home’s foundation and small cracks will begin to appear. Think of cracks as entryways into your home, meaning water will enter your basement and wreak havoc on your interior walls and floors. If you do not properly prepare your roof for Canadian Winters, this misdirected water will also pool on your driveway and walkways which will quickly lead to cracks and sags.

Benefits of Regular Eavestrough Cleaning

The best way to avoid all of these expensive issues is to have your eavestroughs and downspouts cleaned at regular intervals. To keep everything safe and clean, you can trust our team at Empire Roofing & Exteriors to get the job done right because we know what to look for. We can repair the current condition of your eavestrough and anticipate any future areas of concern before they become costly repairs. This is especially important right now before we enter our colder months you need to clean out any typical Fall debris before it all firms up in your gutters and blocks water from flowing freely away from your home. Maintaining your eavestrough’s condition is essential to prolonging the health of your roofing system and will save you a substantial amount of money and stress down the line.

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