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Preparing your roof for Canadian winters

As you may be aware, different seasons have different impacts on your roofing system. That’s why when we build a roof we make sure to put in place protections against the sun, wind, rain and snow. With improper installations or damaged roofs, ice and snow accumulated on your roof may seep through and cause significant damage to your roofing system and your home.

When it comes to enduring the effects of the harsher seasons, your home’s roof takes the hit. Being exposed to the elements, roofs are in fact there to take the brunt of the weather and protect you and your family from damage.

Your roof suffers from the sun exposure in the summer, rain and storms in the fall and snow and hail in the winter. We need to consider all these different risks when we plan, because when the weather changes, so do the hazards.

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Protecting Your Roof From Bad Weather

Your roof is always the most exposed part of your home. Sun exposure, hail, rain and heavy winds are the leading reasons for Guelph roofing and property damage.

There are some visible signs of damage due to weather, including missing or torn shingles. However, there are other issues that could cause a great deal of damage on your home’s interior that are not as obvious.

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Basic Guelph Roof Maintenance

Whether because there was a premature roof failure or a windstorm damaged it, every year many homeowners replace their roof. That’s why Guelph roofing professionals recommend doing an in-depth inspection on your roof at least once a year.

A preventive maintenance program is as simple as a checklist of scheduled roof inspections and whatever corrective actions are taken. The goal is to keep roof repair costs under control and maximize the life expectancy of your roofing system.

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