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The 5 Most Common Causes of Roof Leaks

If you keep getting bogged down by roofing issues, then you know that it can mean a great deal of investing time and money. No matter how old your roof is, you never know if it will need a quick repair or have significant work done. A roof leak is never a fun experience; not only does it cost time, but it also costs energy as well! To avoid any impending disasters and be able to address the issue in time, we have compiled five of the most common causes of roof leaks in the hopes of helping you avoid them as much as possible.

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Is Your Roof Ready to Withstand the Stressors of Winter?

Once again we are into our famous Canadian winter. A certain amount of snow accumulation on your roof is normal. However, if there is an excessive accumulation on the roof of your home, particularly if the snow is wet, there is a possibility of damage to the structure of the property. Flat or low sloped roofs usually have a greater risk of damage. An excessive load of snow accumulating on a roof may actually cause the roof to cave in.

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Keeping the Heat In – From the Top Down

There are a lot of expenses involved in owning a home. Most of us are eager to find ways to lower the costs of these skyrocketing prices. One greatest money-saving change you can make to your home is proper insulation.

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