How to Choose the Right Roofing Contractor in Guelph and Cambridge

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Your roof is very important to your home’s efficiency. Plus, you definitively need a roof over your head for your house to protect you. With time, your roofing system will need maintenance and repairs. A professional roofing contractor will provide personal service and insightful care. So, it is important to hire the right Guelph and Cambridge roofing contractor. Here a few things to look for:

Does the Roofing Company have Insurance?

Whenever someone’s working at a high angle or with heavy-duty equipment, there is an important risk of damage or injury involved. Roofing work is full of such risks, which is making sure your roofing company has insurance is very important. Without insurance, you may end up having to share responsibility for an injured worker and open yourself to more liability. Always make sure your roofer is properly insured.

When considering a contractor, ask them to show you a formal document confirming they’re insured, so you can trust a disastrous mistake won’t end up costing you a lot more in worker’s damages and injuries.

Trusted Roofing Contractors

Roofing contractors are not licensed by the government in Ontario but, with a little research, it is possible for you to find a trusted roofing contractor.

You can start by asking family and friends for any recommendations they may have. Other people’s experiences with roofers will provide insight into how a roofing contractor works.

This is why it is important to consider local businesses, so you can more easily check references. Ask your roofing contractor to provide references, people you can call ask about their experience with them. A good roofing company will have a ready to share list of people you can call to ask about their work.

Next, you can search for any complaints and charges against the roofing company on the Consumer Beware List for alerts or complaints made through the Better Business Bureau. If a contractor is not in any of those lists, that is a good thing.

Responsibility and Past Experiences

It’s said that our responses to our circumstances account for 90% of the quality of our lives. We all make mistakes now and then, but we can usually try to fix the resulting damage. Anyone who completely denies they’ve ever done any wrong probably won’t care if their mistake hurts someone else.

They will most likely just run away from accountability. Ask the contractor about previous bad experiences, problems that the contractor faced before and ask how the problem was solved. This will give you a great deal of understanding of how a roofing contractor works and their honesty and integrity.

Ask the roofing contractor about warranties and guarantees and what his/her role would be in case you need to make a claim.  How responsible is the roofing company if something breaks after the job is done and for how long?

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