Is it Possible to Fix Your Roof During Winter?

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Many Guelph roofers and Cambridge roofers claim it is not possible to fix your roof in winter. Citing risks, poor workmanship or other ideas, these contractors say you must wait until summer to improve your home. However, at Empire Roofing & Exteriors we have done roof repairs during winter and done so successfully, ensuring a long-lasting life to the roofing systems we fixed and installed.

Often the belief is that you need heat from the sun to help seal the shingles correctly. Thus, if you repair your roof in cold temperatures, shingles won’t stick to each other and are easily blown off by any wind passing by. This is also why many companies won’t warrant any work done during winter.

So, we’d like to set the record straight and to answer the question…

Is it possible to properly fix a roof in freezing temperatures?

Let’s start with the manufactures. While they don’t say you can’t install their shingles in our Canadian winter temperatures, they advise caution and give preferred temperatures. Please note that they offer preferred temperatures. The problem is not the weather but the installers.

Manufacturers make recommendations based on the experience and skill of the typical roofer that installs their product. Unfortunately, there are many roofers who are not skilled or lack real knowledge of proper installation and all their installations will have problems. Whether bad roofers do installations in the summer or the winter is not important. To be clear, the reality is that blow-offs are generally not due to time of install or the weather, but rather because of improper nailing of the product. This means that even in hot weather, poor installation will end up with blown-offs at some point. On the flip side, this also means that properly installed shingles will resist high winds and last longer.

As stated above, some roofing companies don’t nail the product properly and depend heavily on the sealant strips. This is what becomes a big problem in the wintertime as it can be difficult to work depending on the sealant to the job of the nail. So, manufacturers build their recommendations regarding temperature around those “on average” realities.

At Empire Roofing & Exteriors, on the other hand, year after year, we do not have these problems. We make sure to nail our shingles right, the first time. We are a very experienced and quality conscious company that has done roofs in Canadian winters, and can really stand behind our work. If someone has a blow-off, almost without exception, we are able to show the reason why. Often, the reason is that whoever did the job before, nailed too high or too deep.

So, while we do realize the evidence from other roofers makes it look like it is not possible to fix or install roofs in the winter, we have experience doing it right, the first time… in winter. More importantly, we stand behind our work and can provide full warranties and coverage on it.

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