Is it Time to Replace Your Roof?

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Most people believe that a roof should be replaced when it starts leaking or when there is visible damage to your roof. There is however more to look out for. Interestingly, it is best to replace your roofing system before it starts leaking.

Roof with damaged shingles

All roofing systems have a different life span. The duration of your roof will depend on different factors like the materials used, the quality of the maintenance done over time, the climate in your city, etc. It isn’t always obvious that your roof is getting on in years and is in need of replacement, however, there are some clear and easy signs that it is time to get a new roof.

If you can spot the signs that your roof needs replacement in time, it can save you money as it avoids extensive and costly emergency repairs and saves you headaches.

So, here are some clear signs your roof is approaching replacement:

1. Spreading keys (notches and rain slots)

It is easy enough for most homeowners to see leaks in their roof and know that they have a problem. However, it is important to know that leaks are not the only issues that can happen with your roof. Take a look at the Spreading Keys or rain slots (notches or indentations) between the tabs of your roof’s shingles (if you have asphalt shingles) and if the notches are wider than they are on the newer looking shingles if you see that they are rounded off on the corners or the surface of the shingles is warped, cracked, curled, bent or dented, it is advisable you get a complete professional inspection of your roofing system to identify the amount of life left in the materials. If you see any of the issues listed here, there is a big chance that your roof will need to be replaced soon as shingles are already lifting.

2. Leakage

Leaking Roof. This is an obvious sign of deterioration and at the very least it means your roof needs repairs. Do not ignore a roof leak as it can only get worse over time and will most certainly lead to bigger damage to your home which means more costly repairs. A quick fix is often not the right solution, it may also put other parts of your house at risk. So, if you see a leak or have even tried to fix one (but it keeps coming back), you should find a professional roofing contractor to do a thorough inspection and identify the root cause of the problem. Often, if the reason for the leak is found, repairs can be done without a big cost.

3. Wind damage due to weather

Besides leaks as a reason to replace your roof, weather damage is another big factor. Hard driving winds can sometimes severely bruise and beat your roof. Shingles may blow off and other damaging effects can occur after a strong windstorm like the ones we’ve had in Guelph and Cambridge in the last few months. Sometimes this happens because of improper installation or subpar materials, however, in many cases, even perfectly functional roofs are damaged in heavy wind storms. Wind damaged roofs are sometimes covered under warranty or can even be covered by your insurance. In any case, be sure to contact a roofing company in Guelph for a thorough roof inspection.

4. Losing shingle granules (grit build-up)

And finally, another sign that your roof may need to be replaced is finding a build-up of shingle grit or shingle granules in your gutters. As shingles get old, granules are released from the backing and will accumulate in your roof’s eaves troughs. Besides granules in your gutters, if you inspect your shingles and see much of the backing mat layer peeking through, it is also a sign that the life of your roof is ending.

Have you had a look at your roof and shingles recently? Are you dealing with leaks, blown off shingles or other clear signs of damage? Reach out to Empire Roofing & Exteriors to get a free full in-depth inspection of your roofing system.