Preparing your Roof for Canadian Winters

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As you may be aware, different seasons have different impacts on your roofing system. That’s why when we build a roof we make sure to put in place protections against the sun, wind, rain and snow. With improper installations or damaged roofs, ice and snow accumulated on your roof may seep through and cause significant damage to your roofing system and your home.

When it comes to enduring the effects of the harsher seasons, your home’s roof takes the hit. Being exposed to the elements, roofs are in fact there to take the brunt of the weather and protect you and your family from damage.

Your roof suffers from sun exposure in the summer, rain and storms in the fall and snow and hail in the winter. We need to consider all these different risks when we plan, because when the weather changes, so do the hazards.

To make sure your roof can take what winter brings, check out these quick tips to winterize your roofing system:

1. Debris and Leaves

Check the piping for any debris; clumps of leaves and other matter could clog up the pipes and lead to dangerous water build-up and bursting. Clean your gutters regularly to make sure your roof is safe.

2. Cut Hanging Branches

Get rid of any branches hanging over the roof. If they fall on your roof or are pushed by the wind or snow, tree branches can damage your roof and scratch off your shingles. Even small branches can cause damage, leading to roof leaks and more.

3. Insulate your Attic

Get a professional Guelph attic insulation company like Empire Roofing & Exteriors to prepare the best insulation so you can be comfortable inside and slow down freezing on the roof. A professional roofing contractor can help you figure out what is the best insulation for your home.

Often times, people don’t think about attic insulation. However, improper attic insulation can have a huge effect on your heating (and cooling) costs.

4. Repair Damaged or Missing Shingles

See if any shingles are damaged, cracked or missing. Trying to fix that on your own means danger, as well as trouble looking for just the right supplies. You could save a lot of time, prevent risks and save money by hiring a trusted roofing contractor to fix your shingles as soon as you spot any damage. The faster your shingles are repaired the lower the possibility of major damage.

For this coming winter, if you haven’t had time to prepare your roof for the winter or prefer a professional to do it, contact Empire Roofing & Exteriors today for a free estimate!