Protecting Your Roof From Bad Weather

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Your roof is always the most exposed part of your home. Sun exposure, hail, rain and heavy winds are the leading reasons for Guelph roofing and property damage. There are some visible signs of damage due to weather, including missing or torn shingles. However, there are other issues that could cause a great deal of damage to your home’s interior that are not as obvious.

More Signs of Roof Damage

Roof damage can happen to any home. While the reasons for damage can be many, below we list some of the most common types of roof damage you need to be aware of:

1. Cracks and Gaps

Shingles can naturally crack as they get on in years. With time, cracks and gaps in the shingles expose the underlayment, which ultimately leads to leaks. These leaks will appear in the attic or crawl space and can cause more severe damage in your home.

2. Improper Ventilation and Heat Damage

As a result of prolonged exposure to heat and without proper attic ventilation, shingles crack and warp. A poorly ventilated attic space dramatically reduces the life span of your shingles and provides for a prime breeding ground for bacteria and mould.

The best way to protect your roof against this is by hiring a roofing professional that understands how important proper attic ventilation is for your roofing system. Understanding your roof as a system and not just shingles and underlayment is key to ensure maximum durability and best results.

3. Granule Loss

With time, gradual granule loss occurs, and this shortens the life of the shingle. Granules are the firs like of defence for your Guelph roof as they protect the base layers of the shingle. Once the underlayment is exposed, the water-resistance of your roof is heavily compromised. Look for dents and dings on shingles as an indicator of weather damage.

Below, we’ve put together some precautions that as a Guelph roofing company and a Cambridge roofing company we recommend for minimizing roof damage.

Prioritize Maintenance

Roofing issues can show up anytime, but basic maintenance goes a long way in preventing them.

1. Clean your Gutters

Clogged gutters not just look bad; they also cause overflow, water damage, and even worse, mould growth.

Clean your gutters to remove any dead foliage stuck, especially before any bad weather arrives like snow or windstorms. Also, make sure to direct the downspouts away from your home and into a drain, ditch, or another area where you can remove the water.

2. Replace Cracked or Missing Shingles

A shingle is more likely to break free when it’s damaged. A cracked shingle may allow water to seep under the roof. If shingles are missing, wind and rain will use this gap to do even more damage to your home. Whenever you see cracked shingles or gaps on your roof, call Empire Roofing to get this quickly fixed and prevent greater damage. If repaired on time, this will prevent major costs and save you money in the future.

3. Trim your Trees

Broken tree limbs or branches damages rooftops and roofing systems. Make sure to regularly trim the trees on your property to protect your roof and windows. Small tree branches can scratch your shingles and create a leak in your roof in a simple windstorm. Make sure that no branches are touching or close to your roof.

4. Repair Loose Siding

Warped or cracked siding is usually noticed immediately after a harsh storm. Repair loose siding as your insulation may get compromised.

You’ll soon notice an increase in your energy costs due to the decreasing efficiency of your HVAC system.

More than that, damaged siding may lead to leaks that allow moulds and bacteria to grow inside your walls. Ultimately, all this ruins the structural integrity of your home and leads to high costs of repair.

5. Check your Roof Deck

Roof decking deteriorates when mould and mildew grows due to a lack of ventilation. This is easily noticeable with a simple attic inspection. If excessive watermarks or dark spots/mould growth are noticed, please contact us. These issues can be created by an undetected leak in the roof, or even a moisture intrusion from the home’s interior (bathroom fan, kitchen fume hood). However, they can be corrected by installing proper ventilation systems and will greatly prolong the life of your roof.

Get a licensed professional roofing company, like Empire Roofing, to strengthen your roof.

Insurance Claims

Insurance claims are an essential part of recovering from roof and property damage. Review your insurance policy to ensure you have appropriate coverage for your property. Photograph and inventory your property to assist with post-disaster claims.

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