We Provide Roof Repairs That Last

Your roof protects your home and your family. With Empire Roofing & Exteriors working for you, your family can rest easy knowing the roof over their heads is strong. Whether you are repairing or starting fresh with a replacement, we have the materials to make the roof of your home last. Our roof repair services include flashing repair (weatherproofing), fixing damage from wind, and leak detection. We also take care of additional repairs from leaking roofs, as we are a licensed general contractor. We are sensitive to the issue of repairing vs. replacement and will recommend the best action for your needs.

A roof repair is a process where an existing roofing system requires additions and/or adjustments made to it, such as caulking, re-roofing and repairing penetration to fix leaks in the roof.

We pride ourselves in having served hundreds of satisfied roof repair and replacement customers across Guelph, Kitchener, and Cambridge Ontario.

Roof Maintenance

Maintenance involves the physical inspection of an existing roofing system to determine its current condition, detect weaknesses and failures and identify any potential future problems. Through a program of regularly scheduled annual or semiannual inspections, the company`s technicians assist in protecting their roofing investments by seeking to identify damage in its early stages. Early detection of leaks and roof system failures makes it possible for the company to repair and extend the life of a roof system, which is significantly less expensive and time-consuming than re-roofing.

Roofing Inspections

This service provides a baseline examination of the condition of your roof. A roof inspection will examine the condition of your roof, check for problems and predict how much longer the roof can last before there is a need to replace it.  Empire Exteriors offers FREE roof inspections across the greater Cambridge, Kitchener, and Guelph areas.

Roofing Companies in Guelph - Roof Repair

Roof Repairs, Done Right

Your home should be a place of sanctuary and comfort for you and your family. As a roofing company with many years of experience protecting families and homes in Guelph, Cambridge, and Kitchener, we aim to protect you, your family and your belongings by installing a quality roof for your home.

As a homeowner, it can seem like there are always things that need to be replaced or fixed. When the time comes to get quality work done on your home’s roof, you need to find reputable roofers in Kitchener, Cambridge, or Guelph to make sure the job gets done right.

Different services come with different industry jargon and because it can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing to understand everything that is being done, we promise to be completely transparent and to answer every question you may have during our time together. Empire Roofing & Exteriors has years of experience doing roof repairs and installations in Cambridge, Kitchener, Guelph and South Western Ontario and is a trusted roofing company for many families in the region.

Trust our local and licensed roof repair services. By choosing a reputable roofing company like Empire Roofing & Exteriors, you will work with a local company with years of proven experience. We will be there for you now and in the future. All your roof repairs will be handled by our licensed and insured workers, all of which are carefully vetted and selected because of their commitment to quality and safety.

Contact us at 1-519-835-8446 or use the form on this page to have a qualified roofing technician assess your roofing needs and recommend roof repair that fits your budget.

Never Sign a Contract with a Roofer Who Hasn’t Performed an Inspection

A very important first step in every roof repair or roof replacement project should be a complete roof inspection. The Empire Exteriors team inspects the exterior of your roof, scoping out the shingles, flashing, and chimney, and we look for signs of rot or damage on the underlayment. We will also inspect the interior, this means having a good look at the insulation and ventilation of your attic, plus looking for water damage from leaks. Our multi-point inspection helps us get a feel for what’s going on under the surface, and it can provide valuable information that will go into the estimate - this will help us avoid any surprises or sudden changes to cost or scope. Be careful of roofing companies that provide estimates in your mailbox without looking at your roof because you risk having the final cost change constantly or worse, a poorly done roof repair that can invalidate the manufacturer's warranty or won't fix your real problem.

Roof Repair You Can Count On

Doesn't matter what roof you have, Empire Exteriors is here to ensure that you get a superior residential roof replacement service. To learn more about our roof repair services and what we can do for you contact us.