More Light the Natural Way!

Skylights and Sun Tunnels are a great way to lighten up a dark room while giving you the benefit of enjoying the beauty of the sky. Skylights are a great way to introduce more natural light into a space in your home, be it a room or a hallway. Invite the outdoors in and feel the warmth of sunlight from within your home.

Benefits of Skylights

Energy efficiency – Skylights reduce the need to use electric lighting, which in turn lowers your hydro bills.

Privacy – Homes are being built closer together and it is becoming more difficult to strike a balance between providing sufficient natural light while maintaining your family's privacy. Skylights provide natural lighting to your home without exposing your family to your neighbours!

Sun Tunnels for Even the Smallest of Spaces

Sun Tunnels provide the natural light and privacy of skylights but have the advantage of being easy to install and can be set up even in the smallest of rooms like bathrooms and walk-in closets. Sun Tunnels also provide an extra layer of privacy.

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