The Importance of a Pre-Winter Roof Inspection

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Most homeowners are aware that regular roof maintenance is important to the overall health and longevity of their roofing systems – but some forget when it is crucial to schedule your inspections. Right now is the perfect time to prep your roof for our Canadian winters to prevent additional and costly seasonal damage.

Now that fall is here and winter weather is right around the corner, our team at Empire Roofing & Exteriors wants to remind you how important our pre-winter roof inspections are when it comes to protecting your roof from the harsh winter elements. Keep reading to learn all about how having your roof inspected and repaired before winter hits are beneficial for both your roofing system and wallet!

Why Should I Get a Pre-Winter Roof Inspection?

We always remind our homeowners to get their roofs inspected before winter to avoid a wide variety of problems. Having a professional check on your roof’s condition is crucial to your roofing system’s health and ability to withstand our Canadian winter stressors. Your roof needs regularly scheduled inspections and maintenance to spot, repair, and prevent any problems. Not only are repairs more costly and take longer in the winter, but they can also be avoided altogether with fall inspections. Allow yourself some peace of mind going into winter by ensuring your roofing system is sturdy and strong enough to withstand the freezing temperatures, snow, ice, and harsh weather conditions.

What Does a Pre-Winter Roof Inspection Include?

1) Shingles

We will check for missing or damaged shingles before any additional water from winter snow or ice gets a chance to further leak into or damage your roofing system. Over time, your shingles can get curled, lifted, or break which can lead to water getting inside your home and wreaking havoc on its structure. You need to ensure you do not have any missing or damaged shingles going into winter because things like ice dams, the weight of snow, freezing temperatures, and strong winds will only cause further and more costly damage. The Empire Roofing & Exteriors team will identify any shingle issues your roof has so that we can take the necessary steps to restore your roof’s integrity immediately.

2) Nails

Exposed or popped nails are normally a problem with older roofs but are still crucial to fix before winter hits. Most homeowners are normally not aware that having exposed nails is even a problem and sometimes they are even hard to spot for the untrained eye. However, exposed nails will eventually rust and allow leaks to infiltrate through your roof. These nails are also not holding your shingles in their proper places which can lead to them blowing off in high winds. We will remove any popped or exposed nails, seal the hole to prevent water damage, and drive in a new nail to secure your roofing materials in place.

3) Flashing

Some common problems with flashing include when it is improperly sealed, damaged, or missing altogether which can all cause a roof to leak. Remember that the whole purpose of flashing is to prevent leaks by installing waterproof materials in intersections or any gaps to prevent water damage. Any flashing issues should be rectified immediately by replacing it to prevent future damage in the winter.

4) Gutters and Downspouts

Your gutters and downspouts can get clogged, damaged, or saggy which are all major problems if they are preventing water from freely flowing away from your roof. Fall weather is notorious for inhibiting the overall functionality of your downspouts and gutters because of falling leaves, branches, twigs, and other debris. It is important to inspect your gutters to clean away anything that could make it difficult for your roofing system to divert any rain, snow, or ice from your home. We will prevent costly water damage by fixing any gutter issues before the winter season and can make sure your downspout is not draining any water too close to your home’s foundation.

5) Roof Membrane

Problems with your roof’s membrane is a tell-tale sign of poor roof work and craftsmanship. Roof membrane is usually used on flat or nearly flat roofs to protect your home from water damage by moving water off the roof and providing warmth and insulation. Simply put, membrane roofing is used to create a watertight covering to protect the inside of your home. We can solve the problem of your membrane not being adequately sealed or worn off adhesive to avoid more damage come winter.

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