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Before starting any home renovation project, it is important to protect yourself and your home from unreliable contractors. Unfortunately, some roofing contractors still try to scam or deceive homeowners in a variety of ways that you need to be aware of before starting your roofing project. Your roof is an important investment for your home and family’s wellbeing that should be well thought out and protected from these scams. In today’s blog, we offer some steps we hope you will consider before choosing a roofing company.

1. Do Your Research

Before even starting your home renovation, make sure you know the risks attached to hiring an unqualified roofing company. Doing your research beforehand can help you avoid any potential scams, poor working conditions, and legal liability for an injured worker. Reading this blog is a great first step to understanding the risks of unreliable roofing contractors and how to protect yourself from them as a consumer.

Continue your research by asking those you trust for roofing company recommendations right from the beginning. These recommendations should be from friends or family that are reliable and can suggest a roofing company that has worked on their roof directly. It is not enough to go with a recommendation from a contractor that has worked on your friend’s friends’ roof.  Perhaps maybe they have HEARD of a company from years in the past, but have NO first-hand experience. Make sure to talk to someone who has had their own roof worked on. This type of referral is also a good idea because it lends itself to selecting a local business that is easy for you to contact and is trusted within the community. It is important to search every potential roofer you are considering for any charges on the Consumer Beware List and any complaints made through the Better Business Bureau. We’d LOVE to explain to you why you won’t even find is on the BBB.

Only get quotes from totally qualified contractors. It is important to consider the quality of materials being used and getting the job done correctly over lower-priced quotes. We can discuss with you the high cost of low prices.  Although it may seem tempting to choose the lowest quote, remember that low cost is not always your best option because it usually means low-quality workmanship, bad or broken (defective) materials and even voided warranties (this is more common than one may think)!  These will almost always equate to a roof that will need more future repairs prematurely. Each quote should include a full explanation of the work to be done (proper scope of work) on your roof and an itemized list of costs for both materials and labour. You should also ask your roofing company for at least three to five references before hiring them. These references are people you can call who have recently dealt with the contractor personally and can answer questions about quality, worker protection, and reliability. If at any point a contractor refuses to provide you with references, do not hire them for your project. Give us a call at 519 265-ROOF (7663) for a free quote and check out our testimonials to see what our customers say about our work.

2. Ask About Worker Safety

Asking your roofer about safety is a great way to make sure no unnecessary injuries happen on your roof. Each worker needs to be wearing the proper safety equipment and trained to work safely at heights, trained in workplace-safety hazards, and protected at all times when working more than three meters above the ground. Always ask about a roofing company’s health and safety practices, and never hire a contractor who cannot confirm proper training and equipment for all their workers.

3. Create a Contract

You have the right, under the Consumer Protection Act, to create a contract with your roofer.  If your roofer doesn’t have a proper looking contract that clearly defines the scope of work, look elsewhere.  This law also gives you the right to a 10-calendar day cooling-off period after you sign a contract with your roofer worth $50 or more because any contract signed in your home is considered a direct agreement. During these 10 days, you can cancel your contract for any reason without having to pay a cancellation fee. If the work has already begun on your roof, you can still cancel your contract but you will be responsible for paying for the work completed and materials already used. Make sure you know everything your written contract needs to include to protect your rights as a consumer. Don’t forget to ask for a copy of any manufacturer warranties included in the job as roofing materials are often not associated with the contractor using them.

4. Spot a Scam

Just like how important knowing the risks of hiring a contractor are, knowing how to spot a roofing scam is equally as crucial. Always ask your roofer for picture proof of any damage they suspect or mention on your roof before work begins to prevent any unnecessary repair costs. If your roofer asks for a down payment to pay for materials, always limit it to 10% of the cost and NEVER pay the full contract amount or “all materials” until the entire project is complete. It is extremely important that you always get a receipt from your roofer. Especially if you are paying with cash or receiving tax-free deals, as this is your legal proof of payment.  Far too many companies use this against you if and when push came to shove.  No contract means you are on the legal losing end of “buyer beware”.  Click here to find out how to file a complaint about a roofing contractor.

Check out the complete and official Ontario guide to learn how to protect yourself as a consumer when hiring a roofer.

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