Why Do New Roof Installations Fail?

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It is quite frustrating when you invest in a new roof and your large investment fails. At Empire Roofing & Exteriors we understand your frustration. Often, we meet customers who had their roofs installed by another roofing contractor and are astonished as to why their recently installed roof is showing problems, particularly because new roofs are expected to last between 15 to 20 years or even longer.

Having a new roof installed is an important investment, one that gives a 60-70% ROI according to several reports and studies. However, because new roofs are a large investment, it is very important that installation is done right, every time. Regardless, it would be helpful to you to know why new roofs fail, by learning to identify some of the more common reasons why this happens. To help you avoid falling victim to a botched roof install, we present you four reasons why new roofs fail.

1. Low-Quality Workmanship

This may come as a shock to some people, but the best shingles in the world are only as good as the roofers who install them. Poor workmanship frequently is the top reason why re-roofs fail. Whether the roofer fails to properly nail the shingles on the nail line, takes flashing shortcuts, does poor detail work on penetrations (vents etc) or does inadequate roof-to-wall intersections, roofer errors are a big risk. Some of the most frequent examples of low-quality workmanship are shingles blown away, leaks, property damage and even mould growth. Be sure to watch out for the inadequate use of caulking (or none at all), which is not a substitute for good technique and proper application. Some roof installers use caulking to hide problems that should be dealt with in a more professional manner and often costly way. A professional roofing contractor will always make sure that every step of a roof installation leads to the most durable and leak-proof roof.

2. Improperly Installed Roof Flashing

Flashing refers to pieces of impervious material installed to prevent water from getting into a structure from a joint or as part of a weather-resistant barrier system for your roof. Flashing is typically installed in your roof’s weakest parts, like its valleys or walls. When flashing is improperly installed, your house could be exposed to water damage. Low-quality sealants are often the cause of flashing related leaks. This is why it is important that your roofing contractor knows how to properly apply flashing and that a high-quality sealant is used.

3. Using Cheap Materials

Unfortunately, many roofers and roofing companies try to skimp on materials, cutting corners and using cheap products. Using low-quality materials leads to failed roof installations. There are many cost-saving tactics that cheap and unscrupulous roofing contractors use, these include saving on drip edge metals, using cheap sealants and pipe collars and even reusing flashings. This explains also why some roofers are able to offer very low prices as they save on everything they can, and your roof suffers because of it. Ask yourself, where are the savings coming from? How can a contractor do the job for such a low price or with such a steep discount? Is the range of average quotes even close to the undercutting quote? Saving on materials may seem smart, but keep in mind that the cost over time can be much greater than any money you may have saved. BY FAR! A leak can damage not only your roof but your home’s wood in the attic, insulation, drywall or even your home’s electrical components!

4. Poor Ventilation

When it comes to roof installations, ventilation is often overlooked. However, proper attic and roofing ventilation is key to ensuring a dry and healthy attic. This leads to a properly installed roof.  Additionally, proper attic ventilation provides protection for your attic against ice dams that may form after heavy snowfalls. It is important that the roofing contractor installing your roof understands how to establish continuous and balanced ventilation.

In summary, avoid unnecessary risks, hire a professional and experienced roofing company that makes quality its top priority. Thorough roof inspections and excellent referrals make Empire Roofing & Exteriors your best option in Guelph and Cambridge.

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