Is Your Roof Ready to Withstand the Stressors of Winter?

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Once again we are into our famous Canadian winter. A certain amount of snow accumulation on your roof is normal. However, if there is an excessive accumulation on the roof of your home, particularly if the snow is wet, there is a possibility of damage to the structure of the property. Flat or low sloped roofs usually have a greater risk of damage. An excessive load of snow accumulating on a roof may actually cause the roof to cave in

Your roof is hugely important to your home’s structure. Roof problems can quickly become problems in a multitude of other areas – such as water damage or moulding. To keep your roof in the best condition, you need to conduct a round of maintenance before the winter weather hits. If you do these tasks while the weather is still mild, you can save yourself trouble down the road.

Here are our top 5 roof maintenance tips for helping your roof stand up to the weather this winter. With winter’s freezing temperatures, it is crucial that you follow the points listed below to avoid severe damage:

1. Prevent Ice Dams

Ice dams form because the edges of a home’s roof are colder than the upper regions (where more insulation is below), causing ice to form around the eaves. Snow melts above, and the melted snow backs up behind a “dam” of ice, potentially causing leaks and permanent damage to the roof and home — if you’ve ever experienced an ice dam on your roofline, you know what a nightmare it can be.

2. Fix Existing Leaks

Do you have leaks in the roof or the attic? Are any shingles damaged, cracked, or missing? Find and fix any leaks. Investigate the roof for shingles that need to be replaced. Use a flashlight to examine the attic for signs of water stains or dripping. Otherwise, moisture from the snow may get into your home and your heated air may leak out.

3. Check the Flashing

As well as damaged shingles, damaged flashing can be a culprit of leaks. Flashing connects the roof to other components, such as skylights, chimneys, windows, vents, and so on. Inspect the flashing and ensure it is in good conditionIf you need to replace the flashing, make sure it is properly installed or you will see more leaks in your home.

4. Look Inside and Outside for Sagging Roof Areas

Look at your roofline. Are any places bending or sagging? What about from the inside of your home? Can you see the roof sagging inward when you are in the attic? This needs to be addressed ASAP, as the extra weight of the snow and ice on your roof can make the problem worse.

5. Trim the Trees

Big snowfalls can settle onto tree limbs, making them heavy and more prone to breaking — which can be especially dangerous if a tree is within reach of your house. Proper tree maintenance in the fall, paired with regular snow removal, should help prevent breakage — but if a limb does fall during winter, have it removed as soon as weather permits. Trim away tree limbs and branches that are touching your house or hanging over your roof.

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