How Winter Storms Impact Your Roof

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After this month’s round of winter storms, it is important to check your roof for any damage. Unexpected roof repairs are inconvenient at any time of the year, let alone during a Canadian winter with harsher conditions and lower temperatures. This winter weather can dramatically impact your roof in a variety of serious ways.

In today’s blog, we wanted to outline these impacts and provide you with a better understanding of how to check for damage.

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Structural Damage

The dramatic swings and changes of our winter temperatures, mixed with snow and rain, can cause cracks and leaks in your roof’s surface. As the temperature swings, the accumulated water goes back and forth between freezing and melting. This water fits into the preexisting cracks in your roof and then expands when frozen, meaning the crack expands with it. These expanded cracks lead to larger issues of leaks and less efficient heating during the winter months.

Heavy snow or ice accumulation can also cause structural damage to your home as it weighs heavily on your roof. In extreme instances, the accumulation can exceed approved weight limits and can lead to partial or full collapsing. If you are worried about snow accumulation on your roof, do not make the mistake of trying to remove it yourself! Many homeowners actually do more harm than good when attempting to clear snow or ice off their roofs. We highly recommend refraining from shovelling your roof because it can damage your shingles or roofing surface. Also, avoid using salt to melt to snow off your roof as this can cause even more damage over time and might even void your roof’s warranty. Instead, contact us at Empire Roofing & Exteriors to safely and efficiently inspect and/or repair your roof to avoid injury or further harm.

Shingle Damage

The winter weather can impact your roof’s shingles in a number of ways, especially if they are older shingles. Colder temperatures can make your shingles become brittle which can lead to cracking, chipping, or breaking off entirely under the pressure of heavy snow or stronger winter winds. Shingle damage will expose your roof to water damage as rain or melting snow can get under the shingles and into your home.  This is extremely dangerous as even just a few inches of water can affect electrical wiring or cause mould to grow inside your home. If you suspect any potential water damage to your home, check out our roof repair services that include weatherproofing and leak detection.

Eavestrough and Skylight Damage

Your eavestrough and any skylights are other areas to monitor for winter damage as they can become overwhelmed by snow, rain, and ice. Skylight flashing and waterproofing materials can be strained or damaged by an accumulation of snow or ice. This can lead to water penetrating your home through any preexisting defect around the area. Click here for more information about our proper skylight installation and maintenance services to prevent any damage to your home this winter.

Eavestroughs can also similarly become compromised by a heavy accumulation of snow or ice. Obstructed gutters cannot drain away run-off from your roof, especially if any freeze-and-thaw cycles occur which can cause ice buildup or ice dam formation. Ice damming happens when your roof’s edges are colder than the upper regions of your roof where there is more insulation and the heat is more concentrated. As the water melts and drains towards the colder edges of your roof, it cools and freezes again which creates a dam structure. This dam acts as a barrier that prevents melting snow and water from draining off your roof which can lead to roof leaks. Again, this can cause structural damage if the water flows under the roof surfaces towards the inside walls of your home. At Empire Roofing & Exteriors, we offer eavestrough repair and maintenance services to protect your home from this type of water damage.

Attic Damage

Winter weather can also block proper ventilation from the attic as snow or ice build-up inhibit air from escaping. This can lead to an unwanted accumulation of attic moisture which may contribute to the deterioration of shingles and potential ice damming. Not only can these outcomes damage your home’s structure, but they will also lead to a less energy efficient house overall. Any unwanted moisture in your attic can also crystalize and freeze on joists, rafters, and the roof deck of your attic which, when thawing in the spring, can lead to rotting and potentially mould. Prevent any winter damage to your home by ensuring your attic is properly insulated and ventilated. Our team at Empire Roofing & Exteriors can help with attic insulation evaluations and recommendations for the best solutions to improve your energy efficiency for a variety of needs and budgets.

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