How Often Should You Do a Roof Inspection?

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Keeping track of the health of your roofing system can be difficult for some homeowners, especially those who do not often go up to their roofs. That’s where our scheduled roofing inspections come in. Our multi-point roofing inspection is an important first step to any roof repair or replacement.

However, even before you notice any problems with your roof, it is important to have regularly scheduled roof inspections to stop damage in its early stages. Although it is great that you want to check on your roof, doing so yourself can result in injury and overlooked issues that can lead to more severe damage over time. Your roof inspection should be done by a professional roofing contractor or inspector because we have specialized knowledge, equipment, training and safety requirements to get the job done efficiently and properly. In today’s blog, we want to outline how our roof inspections work and what factors determine how often you need your roof inspected.

Do I Really Need a Roof Inspection?

Let’s keep this simple: YES! We know that many homeowners do not think about their roofs until a leak or problem starts. Don’t wait until there is an issue to get your roof looked at or you may face more serious and costly repairs. Remember that you may not even catch a leak in time to avoid damages to the structure of your home and its interior finishes. We can identify minor problems with your roofing system before they become major costly issues so that we can maximize the time in between any necessary roof repairs. Our regular roof inspections and maintenance will drastically reduce the likelihood of premature ageing, leaking, and other damage.

Over time your roof will be exposed to weather conditions that will gradually wear down the roofing materials. This means that sunlight, rain, snow, hail, strong wind, and temperature changes will eventually lead to a necessary roof replacement. However, with proper maintenance, inspection, and care, we can maximize the service life of your roof. If you are seeking roofing assistance in the Guelph, KW, Cambridge, or surrounding area, Empire Roofing is your best choice for a thorough roof inspection and repair. It is never a good idea to trust any roofing contractor who does not perform a full roofing inspection on your home before providing you with an estimate. An inspection provides our team with valuable information that will go into your quote and helps us avoid any surprises or sudden changes.

Empire’s Multi-Point Roof Inspection

Our inspection will go beyond the exterior surface level of your roof to ensure we have enough information to address any issues from the beginning. We inspect the exterior of your roof, scoping out the shingles, flashing, and chimney, and we look for signs of rot or damage on the roof deck. For most roofing contractors, this is where the inspection stops. At Empire Roofing we dig deeper to make sure we detect any underlying issues that could cause larger problems in the future. Once done inspecting your roof’s exterior components, we will also inspect the interior under your roof (attic) to examine the insulation, wood deck and ventilation of your attic. Again, we are looking for signs of damage or trouble like water damage from leaks, breaks on the under-side of the roof, lack of airflow or even mold. We can tailor our scheduled roof inspection and maintenance to your roof’s specific needs depending on the type of roof and materials used in your roofing system. We go past surface-level inspections to ensure we get the necessary information to provide homeowners with thorough and accurate estimates. Our process means we can avoid surprise costs, sudden changes, and instead, actually tackle your roofing system’s real problem from the beginning. We build the scope of work first which saves you the pain in the future of escalating (surprise) costs during replacement.

General Inspection Schedule

Wondering how often you should be getting your roof inspected? For the Guelph, KW, Cambridge, and surrounding area homeowners, we recommend scheduling your roof inspections twice annually. Get your roof inspected once in the spring to address any winter damage and once in the fall to prepare for the upcoming winter season. Remember that your roof should also be inspected after any large storm with high winds, extreme rain or hail, or if any recent construction has taken place on the roof area. If you suspect any damage or issues outside of your regularly scheduled inspections, never hesitate to reach out to our team for advice and assistance.

Under certain circumstances, we recommend different frequencies for roof inspections from home to home. Some other factors that will determine how often you should get your roof inspected include local weather conditions, the age of your roof and home, the materials of your home, and any tree coverage. It is important to note that older roofs are generally more susceptible to weather damage so homeowners with older roofing systems (10 years or more) will definitely benefit from more frequent inspections. Having large trees around your roof, although great for landscaping purposes and curb appeal, can wreak havoc in the event of high winds or storms. Snapped off tree limbs can damage your roof and even smaller branches can tear off shingles. Our team will take all of these factors into consideration when setting up an appropriate inspection schedule for your roofing system.

Let Empire Roofing Get the Job Done Right

Leave your roof inspections to our professional team to ensure the health and longevity of your roofing system. Empire Roofing and Exteriors is your best choice for Roofing Repairs in Guelph, Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, & surrounding areas. As a professional Guelph Roof Repair company, Empire Roofing & Exteriors will be there for you now and in the future. You can trust our local, reputable, and licensed roof repair services backed with years of proven experience. All your roof repairs will be handled by our licensed and insured workers, all of which are carefully vetted and selected because of their commitment to quality and safety.

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